Sharing Vibrational Energy Globally

Welcome to Global Fun Shui!  We extend our energetic greetings to everyone around the world.


    Our hope is that our classes, workshops, and products will uplift the energy in your life and spark the sensation of vitality for your homes & workspace.

We are here to share our Feng Shui journey with you…from our hearts to yours… to create a spirit of connection and knowledge.

NEW ITEM: Feng Shui Cards

45 Cards and Guidebook in embroidered velveteen drawstring bag for $35 includes shipping

Feng Shui Action Cards, by Fatima Monaco and Laurie Pawli share actions that will have a direct impact on improving the Feng Shui of your life. Each card and reading from the guidebook will provide information to shift the energy in your home and connect the energy of your life.

You'll find a Feng Shui adjustment, uplifting message, and a quote with each card that is selected to enhance a deeper understanding of your life. Beautiful photographic images will inspire a deeper link that connects you to your Career, Knowledge, Family, Wealth, Fame & Reputation, Relationships, Children & Creativity, Helpful People and Health.


Feng Shui Express Class: November- Developing Your Fame & Reputation Gua

Check out our 30 minute Feng Shui Express Class on Fame and Reputation. Filled with tips on tips on the Fame Gua to achieve positive reputation & success. Remove Price or add free for IFSG
Classes Coming Soon

December - Blessings for the Holidays.
Lunar New Year

Saturday, January 27, 2024 9:30 – 11:00 pm Central Time $27 The Year of the Wood Dragon is drawing near as 2024 approaches. Join this yearly update on what to expect for the energy of the year and what you can do to make it the best year ever!

Good-Bye Clutter Class $27

Sweep it clean! Get it gone! This is your time to remove what is keeping you from moving forward. Yes, let’s talk about the clutter in your environment and methods you can use to start the process of taking steps to a clutter free life

Laurie Pawli
Global Fun Shui Co-Founder

Laurie Pawli has a passion for Feng Shui and thrives on creating peaceful spaces for homes & businesses. She blends her flair for design, color, and intuition, to encourage balance and harmony in each environment. We look forward to working together.

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Fatima Valente Monaco
Global Fun Shui Co-Founder

Fátima Valente Monaco has a passion to organize, cure and create healthy spaces. She was born and raised in Brazil, and in her earlier years as a student and professional, had the exciting and enriching experience of living in Europe. She is now living in the USA since 2014.

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Our Fun, Fast & Free Classes are video recordings that can be accessed on our youtube channel.

COMING SOON - A variety of products to boost the Feng Shui of your Life

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